Topographic Diagrams


Our company is responsible for composing surveying charts for:

·    Issuing Construction Permits for buildings, business facilities and fences

·    Solar panel systems or other renewable energy sources

·    Notarial acts

·    Corrective implementing regulations

·    Mobile phone stations and 2D or 3D surveying

We are also providing services for:

·    Foreshore and seashore determination

·    Cadastral applications and Services

·    Establishment and monitoring networks for small land movements

·    2D or 3D surveys of archaeological sites and monuments

·    Designing earth moving charts, horizontal alignments, longitudinal profiles, and cross sections

·    Ground control point measurements for the production of ortho-photomaps

·    Establishment of trigonometric and leveling networks (reper)

·    Altitude studies – Leveling

·    P.S. applications – Land Surveying with real time kinematic, static, e.t.c.

·    Optic fiber surveying, as built


·    Delimitations of land plots and fields

·    Demarcations of farms and land reform implementations

·    Stream delimitations

·    Shoreline delimitations

·    Defining foundations, building facilities and environment

·    Defining roads, water and port development, with real-time GPS (RTK) and total station technology (with precision leveler for high altitudes).

·    Optic fiber applications

·    Installing solar panels and wind farms