Our office undertakes photo interpretations, using suitable aerial photographs taken from the Military Geographical Service of Greece, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the Ministry of Food and Rural Development and the Cadastral and mapping organization of Greece. The Photo Interpretation study can be a useful tool for verification purposes or proving certain situations in past years. Our office undertakes Photo Interpretations of aerial photographs and issue technical reports suitable for:

·   Documentation about the construction date of illegal buildings and illegal additions, for inclusion in Law 4178/2013.

·   Resolving ownership differences and verifying property limits, in case of legal dispute.

·   Proving existence or non-existence of roads, trails, streams, etc.

·   Confirming the existence of buildings constructed before 1955, 1975

·   Submitting objections at Cadastre, for areas where Forest Mapping is complete.

·   Submitting objections at National Cadastre