Our company undertakes the issuing of objection files, concerning cadastral forest maps. In the context of creating an objection file, the company develops a preliminary photo interpretation study, and then, if confirmed by the relevant pre-evaluation process that the conditions and criteria for a full photo interpretation study are met, it proceeds with the development of that study. There is no development of a photo interpretation study, proving the non-forest nature of an area (thus no charge with additional unnecessary expenses), if the initial evaluation process does not hold the necessary scientific data for a full documentation.

Consequently, if the pre-evaluation process does not provide positive and favorable data for further development of the photo interpretation study, our services are limited to issuing the objection file, only by taking in consideration and including the rest (favorable) data, while providing guidance and advice. Otherwise, if the data provided is positive, the necessary photo interpretation study is developed to support our state, to the Objection Review Committees, in presence of a technical counselor.


Subject of Objections: Objections are about the characterization of the areas depicted on the map, not about any rights in rem of them. During submission of objections regarding forest maps, issues about property or personal and public rights are not allowed to be put.

Submitting Objections Rights: Objections can be submitted by all who disagree with the characterization of a forest map area, and have a legal interest in that area.

Submitting Objections Deadlines: Objections must be submitted within 45 days from last publication of the invitation regarding the Forest Mapping post. For foreign residents, 20 additional days are provided. (ΦΕΚ 249/Α/25-5-2011).

Necessary information for submitting objections: Anyone interested in submitting objections regarding Forest Mapping, must present the following documents:

·   A filled in objection form (provided by the Posting office, by Customers Service Centre, by Municipal Establishments, and by our company).

·   Proof of legitimate interest (e.g. Title Deed)

·   Vertices Coordinate Table of the area where the objection is filed (in practical terms, it’s a topographical chart designed by our company).

·   Proof of a deposit fee. Definition of its price (ΦΕΚ 24/Β/20-1-2011) is proportional to the area of land, for which the objection is submitted, and is provided in detail in the following table.

Area of land for which objection  is submitted    Amount (price) of fee

From 1 m2 up to 1.000 m2                                                         50,00 €

From 1,001 m2 up to 5.000 m2                                                150,00 €

From 5,001 m2 up to 20.000 m2                                              500,00 €

From 20,001 m2 up to 100.000 m2                                       1.000,00 €

From 100,001 m2 up to 300.000 m2                                     2.000,00 €

More than 300.001 m2                                                           4.000,00 €

In case of electronic submitting objections, the values above are reduced by 10%.

 Ancillary components for Submitting Objections: Apart from the needed documents, during the submitting objections process, anyone interested has a chance to:

·   Declare if he desires or not to be represented by a technical advisor, according to Article 10 of 344/2000. In these procedures, technical advisors are exclusively Forestry Experts. Our company collaborates with experienced forestry experts, specializing in Forest Mapping and Cadastre.

·   Attach his objection file with evidence, proving or supporting his claims of forest or non-forest nature of the area being questioned (photo interpretation, technical reports etc.).