Firstly, in order to include any area in Town Planning, property declarations must be collected and a cadastral survey to be initiated, followed by an urban development survey, and to conclude, in the approval of the road design and the ratification of the Implementing Regulations, with which the land acquires not only its final form, but also a tittle deed. The owner is allowed to object after publication, during any of the above stages of the survey.

Necessary information:

·   Cadastral chart copies and regulations table.

·   The title deed and topographic chart.

·   Objection on False recording.

Corrective Implementing Regulations can be filed, if initial property boundaries are fully established as not being correctly reflected, or when there is false data entry regarding the owner or property’s tittle deed. Corrective Implementing Regulations are, also, filed when property declarations do not exist and land plots appear as “of Unknown Owner”.

Our company follows the steps below, in order to correct ratified Implementing Regulations:

·   Receipt of document and design copies of the person concerned

·   Collecting data from Urban Development Office, and Cadastral Office (if the area included is subject to National Cadastre)

·  Land Registry

·  Designing topographical charts, at Implementing Regulations coordinate system, and at Greek Geodetic Reference System (EGSA ’87)

·   File Study and problem solving.

·   Preparing technical reports for the justification of the requested change

·   Organizing the file which will be submitted to the competent Urban Development Office.

·   Monitoring file’s progress until the ratification of Implementing Regulations,and it’s recording in Land registry Books, or in National Cadastral.

Necessary documents for the file submission

·   Application at the town planning (along with an identification copy)

·   Certified copy of a title (final property contract), along with its transcription certificate and diagram.

·    Owners property statement, who were masters upon ratification (or transcription) of Implementing Regulations

·    Certificate of Ownership, by the competent Land Registry

·    Certificates of weights and non-claims, from the competent Land Registry

·    Certificate or copy of owners share at the date of contributions check, from the qualified Land Registry. In case there are a lot of registrations and checking the ownership status of contributions by the official is not possible, owners should submit a Research Certificate issued by a lawyer or an engineer

·    A page’s copy of both table and chart, at which the property is described

·    Title Implementation Report from an engineer of expertise (in case of an unknown owner correction or whenever is necessary).

·    Certificate of Cadastral registries concerning registrable rights (meaning certificates for property, weights, distraints and claims, in Cadastral areas), by the relevant Cadastral Office.

·   Correction act (a copy of corrective implementing regulations table, in both photocopy and digital format, and a corrective implementing regulations diagram, whenever necessary, and a corrected table of coordinates).

·   Cadastral extract from OKXE for areas where Cadastre is active.

In addition, at areas where Cadastre is developed

·   Transcription certificate from the Land Registry, or certificate of applying a registrable act, from the Cadastral Office.

·   Certificate of Cadastral registries concerning registrable rights, which correspond to property certificates, distraint weights, and claims (from the Cadastral Office).

·   Certificate of Cadastral registries for natural or legal persons (from the Cadastral Office).