Provided for in Article 14 of Law 2664/1998, when a registrable act causes a geometric change, along with the application for the registration of the act, an updated cadastral chart, , in which the change is reflected, has to be submitted too. The term geometric change can be relevant with:

·    Parcel bindings or segmentations

·    Establishment / Abolition of properties with exclusive vertical ownship

·    Establishment / Abolition of someone’s easement right

·    Establishment of a mine

·    Correcting errors concerning geometric elements, according to Article 19(2) of Law 2664/1998

Every incorrect parcel delimitation case is different. As a general rule, these errors are, usually, caused by the owner or by an adjacent owner, submitting false information in the application form. To correct a property’s geometric elements, in the areas in which cadastre is active, requires a full legal and technical documentation of the requested change. In this context, our company undertakes to correct any false registry as follows:

·   Collecting data from Cadastral Office, Land Registry, Notarial records, and other services.

·   Designing an EGSA 87 topographical chart, according to the standards of National Cadastre spatial changes.

·    Defining a solving the problem process, in collaboration with the client’s attorney.

·    Calculation of the spatial change

·    Calculation of new areas

·    Preparing a technical report for the justification of the requested change

·    Folder organization, in order to submit the corrected application in the Cadastre Office, or filing a complaint before the competent Court