3D Laser Scanning

Construction projects : 3D mapping of bridges, tunnels, dams, roads, route nodes, structure control and monitoring, measurements, construction documentation and preparation – as built , behavior monitoring, movement and deformation checks
Monitoring earthworks in mines, quarries, landfills, worksites, etc. : 3D mapping of sequential phases, excavation and embankment control, exact volume calculations
Archeology : 3D mapping of monuments, archaeological sites, excavation monitoring and documentation
Architecture : 3D mapping of building side-views, building exterior and interior, outdoor areas, monitoring building projects, surveying of historic and preserved buildings, etc.
Industrial, engineering and shipbuilding applications : 3D mapping of industrial facilities, refineries, pillars, wirings, ships, vehicles, machinery, etc.
Geological – geotechnical applications: 3D mapping of geological formations, monitoring behavior and movement of slopes and landslides, etc.
Forensic applications, documentation of accident and disaster locations

Main characteristics of the laser detection method:
·   Fast and reliable surveying method
·   Provides the most accurate results than any other methodology
·   Combines the accuracy of topographic surveying and the completeness of photogrammetric analysis
·   Provides variable analysis, depending on the required accuracy of the final product
·   Provides comprehensive mapping of the 3D objects