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Αerial Photography

The area that can be usually covered during one flight (and by extension, the display resolution of the ground), depends on the flight altitude. The following table gives some indicative values:

The surveying area can be covered with one or more flights depending the area of the land we need to cover and the spatial resolution. Ebee has proved suitable for the following applications:

·   High precision mapping applications

·   Digital terrain and surface models (DTM, DSM), orthophotomaps, true-orthos

·   Cadastral surveying applications

·   Photographic documentation for real estate

·   Surveying of archaeological sites

·   Measurements and inspections for construction

·   Worksite monitoring, systematic monitoring of construction progress (pipelines, roads, bridges, buildings, etc.)

·   Measurements and inspections for energy facilities (photovoltaic panels, wind park, etc.)

·   Inspection of buildings and special constructions

·   Recording and documentation of data of public utility networks

·   Applications for measuring and calculating volumes

·   Inspection of technical characteristics of rail transport

·   Landfill monitoring

·   Managing forest areas

·   Monitoring and systematic recording of land cover and land use

·   Supervision of municipal property and forest areas

·   Monitoring extreme phenomena and recording their destructive effects (disasters/floods/ storms)

·   Recording and monitoring earthquake-affected areas

·   Recording and monitoring of coastal pollution

·   Monitoring shorelines

·   Creating backgrounds for GIS applications

·   Creating updated maps

·   Mapping inaccessible areas

·   As-Built Surveying

·   Marketing and promotion